Tri-County Men's Fastball League

Year Champion Runner-Up Ted Killing Memorial
('B' Champion)
Regular Season Champion Most Valuable Player Pitcher of the Year Coach of the Year George Wilkins Award Gord Lonsbary Executive Award
2022 Tavistock Hops Innerkip Eagles Innerkip Eagles
2021 Harwood Corners Tavistock Hops Tavistock Jr Merchants
2020 Season cancelled.
2019 Harwood Corners Glanworth Gators Tavistock A's Tavistock Hops
2018 Harwood Corners Innerkip Eagles Innerkip Expos Innerkip Eagles Dustin Veenhof (Port Burwell Lakers) Tyler Randerson (Harwood Corners) Chad Harmer (Tavistock Merchants) Alex Vondervoort (Innerkip Eagles) Wayne Hallock (Umpire)
2017 Innerkip Eagles Innerkip Expos Oxford Bandits Innerkip Eagles Nate Awde (Innerkip Eagles) Tim Neill (Innerkip Eagles) Matt Smith (Hickson Heat) Stephen Deblaire (Straffordville Giants) Colleen Lowes
2016 Innerkip Expos Harwood Corners Woodstock Kelseys Innerkip Eagles Jeff Lyons (Innerkip Expos) Kyle Crawford (Innerkip Expos) Brad Smith & Steve Killing (Oxford Bandits) Kyle Clapdrop (Norwich Tigers) Larry Lowes
2015 Sweaburg Crush Innerkip Eagles Hickson Heat Sweaburg Crush Rory Miller (Sweaburg Crush) Ty Sebastian (Sweaburg Crush) Matt Smith (Hickson Heat) Andrew Benbow (Hickson Heat) George Wilkins
2014 Innerkip Expos Sweaburg Crush Pt. Burwell Lakers & Tavistock Merchants Sweaburg Crush Jamie Atkinson (Woodstock Kelseys) Ty Sebastian (Sweaburg Crush) Rick Johnson & Bob Figg (Sweaburg Crush) Chris Jansen (Sweaburg Crush) Scott Clark (Nowich Tigers)
2013 Woodstock Kelseys Innerkip Expos Port Burwell Lakers Woodstock Kelseys Mike Pullin (Kelseys) Mike Pullin (Kelseys) Gary Pullin/Dan Wilkins/Glen Couch (Kelseys) Alex Cook (Expos) Gary Pullin (Kelseys)
2012 Innerkip Eagles Sweaburg Crush Harwood Corners Innerkip Eagles Dave Van Wyk (Burgessville) Tim Neill (Innerkip Eagles) Pierre Pinnoy (Burgessville) Mike Hamulecki (Burgessville) Larry Lowes (Harwood)
2011 Innerkip Eagles Innerkip Expos Straffordville Stealth Harwood Corners Jon Klingenberg (Harwood Corners) Tim Neill (Innerkip Eagles) Howie Brown, Steve Kreiger & Dave Murray (Innerkip Expos) Aaron Kreiger (Innerkip Eagles) Ken Sherk (Ayr Vics)
2010 Innerkip Eagles Ingersoll Crush Ingersoll Masters Ingersoll Crush Brad Thomson (Ayr Vics) Todd Winkworth (Ingersoll Crush) Rick Johnson & Bob Figg (Ingersoll Crush) Kevin Roulston (Ingersoll Masters) Doug Woelfle
2009 Innerkip Eagles Simcoe Red Devils Straffordville Express Innerkip Eagles Chris Smith (Simcoe Red Devils) & Darryl Wharram (Ingersoll Crush) Tim Neill (Innerkip Eagles) Jeff Whetstone & Sam Murray (Innerkip Eagles) Braden Wylie (Simcoe Red Devils) Tim Wright
2008 Innerkip Eagles Woodstock Kelseys Ingersoll Masters Innerkip Eagles Fred Killing Tim Neill Mark Van Goethum Eric Scott & Rob McLaren Glen Couch
2007 Woodstock Kelseys Ayr Vics Burgessville Bulls Woodstock Kelseys Mike Pullin Dwayne Oberle Jeff Gillow Chad Wells Davis Landon
2006 Woodstock Kelseys Innerkip Orioles Oxford Centre Orange Sox Innerkip Orioles Mike Pullin Dwayne Oberle Martin Wylie Scott Stubbs Jamie Belore
2005 Woodstock Kelseys Salford Storm Windham Centre Wildcats Woodstock Kelseys Mike Pullin Steve Running Tim Wright Larry Lowes Dwayne Franklin
2004 Woodstock Kelseys Norwich Razorbacks Burgessville Bulls Norwich Razorbacks Mike Pullin Tim Neill Tim Wright Tim Christo Ric Mudge
2003 Woodstock Kelseys Ayr Vics Innerkip Orioles Sweaburg Razorbacks Darryl Wharram Adam Martin Lidio Raffin Bart Haight Chris Wilk
2002 Woodstock Kelseys Mt. Elgin Mounties Straffordville Merchants Woodstock Kelseys Fred Killing Tim Neill Lidio Raffin Dan Wilkins Darin Kitching
2001 Salford Storm Harwood Corners Ayr Vics Ingersoll Centennials Steve Johnson Tim Neill Pierre Pinnoy & Marty Fallowfield Mark McMahon Mike Wells
2000 Woodstock Kelseys Mt. Elgin Mounties Tillsonburg Bulldogs Ingersoll Centennials John VanLeeuwen Bob Burgess Davis Landon Darin Kitching Ken Deroo
1999 Norwich Brewers Tillsonburg Bulldogs Straffordville Merchants Matt Fleming Corey Williams Mark Stubbs, Rick Amey & Dave Jull Norm Charron Nick Visser
1998 Straffordville Merchants Tillsonburg Bulldogs Tillsonburg Bulldogs Matt Fleming Rennie Palen/Jamie Harwood Pierre Pinnoy & Murray Palen Fred Killing Gord Lonsbary
1997 Aylmer Cardinals Straffordville Merchants Straffordville Merchants Frank Mueller Karl Hepburn Bob Burgess
1996 Straffordville Merchants Tillsonburg Bulldogs Straffordville Merchants Jim Brindley Mike Wells
1995 Straffordville Merchants Hyd-Mech Athletics Hyd-Mech Athletics Brian Anderson Jason Nesbitt Barry Noels & Bob Collins (Springford), Gary Walters (Norwich)
1994 Straffordville Merchants Hyd-Mech Athletics Straffordville Merchants Brian Anderson Dave Rooke/Mike Wells Chuck Hendricks
1993 Otterville Otters Salford Tigers Otterville Otters Frank Mueller Shawn Steinhoff Rick Van Leeuwen
1992 Otterville Otters Tillsonburg Bulldogs Otterville Otters Mike Wells Jim Miles Gary Walters (Norwich)
1991 Mt. Elgin Richmond Bulldogs Straffordville Merchants Rennie Palen/Brian Anderson Mike Wells Gord Lonsbury
1990 Mt. Elgin Straffordville Merchants Straffordville Merchants Rennie Palen Rennie Palen Tom Wells
1989 Straffordville Norwich Brewers Straffordville Merchants Rennie Palen Mike Wells R. Nobbs & B. Wise (Norwich)
1988 Richmond Springford Blues Springford Blues Carl Wilcox Frank Mueller B. Irwin & G. Hammond (Mt. Elgin)
1987 Springfield Pests Port Burwell Lakers Houghton Hawks Randy Corneille Rob Smith D. Manicome & R. Smith (Springfield)
1986 Courtland Springford Blues Springford Blues Brad Fleming Dave Haley Jim & Larry
1985 Courtland Houghton Hawks Springford Blues Mike Haines Mike Wells Fred Anderson
1984 Aylmer Orioles Houghton Hawks Houghton Hawks Vic Comeau Mike Wells Frank Gray
1983 Houghton Courtland Merchants Courtland Merchants Mike Prong Alex Stanat Mike McCredie
1982 Courtland Courtland Merchants Rick Hornauer Ernie Rutledge Frank Gray
1981 Brownsville Ron Zinn
1980 Otterville Otters Port Burwell Jake Lofthouse
1979 Springford Rick Hornauer
1978 Doug Heywood

** If you have any standings or history not shown here, please send an email.